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LOSE WEIGHT FASTER: Experience the next level of fitness! This easy-to-use spike sweat slim belt retains heat in your core area, increases your sweat levels and allows you to lose weight faster.
INCREASE AB & BACK SUPPORT: The compression of the slim belt for the tummy provides extra support for your lower back and helps you exercise safe lifting techniques.
BURN MORE CALORIES: Burn stomach fat faster loses water weight and maximize calorie burn during exercise!
SAUNA EFFECT: Make you sweat more during workouts, resulting in faster and more effective weight loss and waist trimming. With the help of proper exercise, wearing a spike sweat slim belt is such a good tool to shrink down the size of your belly.
COMFORTABLE FIT ENHANCER: Made out of neoprene material and contoured to comfortably fit around your waist, experience sweat high flexibility and support during your workouts.