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Ok so I have switched from waist training to waist cinching. I was using the CS-426 Corset from Orchard Corsets.com. Due to back injuries, I have found an alternative to waist training. The Chery Ann’s waist cincher is so much better for ME specificallly. Its so much better on my back.

So does the waist trainer work? YES
Does the waist cincher work? YES

They both work but how comfortable you are, really depends on you as an individual. I chose to use the waist cincher because its alot easier on my back.

PURCHASE HERE (affiliated) http://amzn.to/29dFfhJ

I will try to use it like I’m supposed to so you can see some real results.

Between the two, I lost 1/2 inch. I used the corset for a week (5-8 hrs). I believe I used the cincher for about a week (3-4 hrs).

I’m officially switching to the waist cincher. UPdates are coming up.


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