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Do you want a small waist? Have you tried a small waist workout? Do you want a small waist big bum? Have you ever tried a waist trainer? I was told that a corset is better than a waist trainer because it is healthier for you. However, after trying a corset to waist train, I was not happy with the results. Waist training takes a lot of dedication, and it can be a little difficult when you cant really wear a corset under your clothing. It is visible and noticeable so you have to wear your corset under loose clothing or just at home when no one is around. I tired to get a thin waist using a corset but I decided to go with another method. This is my honest review of the orchard corset and I hope that you guys enjoyed this video. I have more videos about makeup, fashion, and my boyfriend so if you want to check those out feel free. I have an aliexpress video coming soon and a Zaful swimsuit haul coming too!