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Heyya Loves!

It’s Estel here and today I am sharing my latest activewear buys. Let me know which pieces were your faves 🙂

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Stay Safe Loves xxx

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Clothing Links
Reflective Sport Leisure Set –
JIJI VENTURA Reflective Sport Leisure Set

Elite Eleven
ELITE SEAMLESS LEGGINGS – ONYX – https://eliteelevensporting.com/collections/leggings-tights/products/elite-seamless-leggings-onyx
ELITE SEAMLESS BRA – ONYX – https://eliteelevensporting.com/products/elite-seamless-bra-black?pr_prod_strat=copurchase&pr_rec_pid=6050267660478&pr_ref_pid=4594277318702&pr_seq=uniform

ENERGY PETITE SEAMLESS FULL LENGTH LEGGINGS – https://boandtee.com/products/energy-petite-seamless-full-length-leggings-orange
UNLEASH SEAMLESS CYCLING SHORTS – https://boandtee.com/products/unleash-seamless-cycling-shorts-orange
KNOCKOUT SEAMLESS UNITARD – https://boandtee.com/products/knockout-seamless-unitard-melange-green


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