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Does sweating burn calories | Does sweating help you lose weight | does sweating make you lose weight

Does sweating burn calories? This video will answer this question, and similar questions like does sweating help you lose weight? Even though these two questions seem very similar because both are about sweating it does not mean they are. Weight and fat are two entirely different things, and that is what I try to explain in this video.

Let’s start with answering does sweating make you lose weight. The answer to this question is an overwhelming yes. There are athletes such as wrestlers that use sweating as a means to cut weight for a competition. Some of these guys can lose 25-30 lbs or more in 5 days. That is incredible. Our body is mostly made up of water, so it makes sense that sweating helps you lose weight.

I saved the first question until now because there is not an easy answer to the question; does sweating burn calories? When you sweat it is many times in hotter environments or during intense activities that increase your body temperature. Both of these scenarios lead to a higher heart rate which in turn will result in more calories burned during the workout. This is of course in comparison to a workout that would be less intense such as steady state cardio at room temperature. To some this may sound great, but like I said this topic is not an easy one to get to the bottom to.

Since the workout becomes more intense we begin to dip into our glycogen and carbohydrates for energy over our fat stores. That’s right our body begins to crave carbohydrates instead of body fat. Now this does not mean that sweating a lot, or working out in very hot environments will burn less fat than steady state cardio. This is because you will be taking a smaller percentage of fat burn from a larger number of total calories burnt during intense exercise.

For example:

Steady State Cardio: Burns 60% from fat of 500 calories = 300 calories from fat burnt
Intense/Hot Exercise: Burns 40% from fat of 1200 calories = 480 calories from fat burnt

There have been studies however, that show the exact opposite. Some studies found that to burn fat more efficiently your better off being cold. When you are cold it activates the release and transition of brown fat.

Does sweating burn calories? The best answer I have for this question is yes but it is a very small amount extra. Not only that, but if you are looking at this question from an approach of a quick or easy fix your kidding yourself. I promise you there is no quick fix. What you have to do is concentrate on working out hard and eating clean consistently, over the course of time. That is how you will burn many calories and lose weight. Don’t drive yourself crazy with such questions, I know I did, and it turns out that it hardly makes a difference.


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