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How to lose weight fast with no hard exercises and no diet? How to lose belly fat and slim legs? You can do these six simple exercises at your desk and right in your chair.
Our reality is all about going to the office and spending most of our daylight there. Sitting for a long time can harm your health and body. A review of 47 scientific research projects indicated that people who experience prolonged sitting could have cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and obesity. However, office work has many advantages as well. Stay with us to learn more about them, and as usual, there is a little bonus waiting for you at the end.

Knee-To-Chest Lift 0:56
Double Knee Lift 2:06
Double Knee Lift Combined with Body Side Bends 3:03
Bending 4:39
Body Lift Above the Chair 5:59
Knee-to-Elbow Lift 7:01
BONUS: Oblique Muscles Strengthening 8:44

– Remember to keep your back straight while performing the exercise. Do it in a slow and controlled manner. This exercise strengthens abdominal muscles, improves digestion, and helps to burn fat. Note that you should not do this exercise if you get a back or leg pain while performing it.
– Knee lifts are a fundamental component in any training and are useful for people of any age, and any level of training. This exercise is helpful not only for increasing your inner strength but also for getting a flat belly.
– This exercise shapes your waist and helps to burn fat from the sides of your belly. A small reminder: this exercise, as well as two previous ones, should not be done by anyone who feels the tension in knees or the back during stretching. Try to engage your abdominal muscles while doing this lift.
– It gives additional strength and mobility to the spine because almost every action in our daily life requires it. For example, standing, sitting, getting things off a high shelf and from under a table as well as bending over to lace up our shoes.
– To increase the exercise intensity, you can try to stay in the hanging position for, let’s say, 30 seconds. Make sure that your chair is not a rolling one.
– This exercise is really good for your waist. It makes your oblique, and lower abdominal muscles workout. To do it right, make sure your knee meets your opposite elbow. At that moment, your upper body should slightly turn.
– You will not have to wait long for results if you do it every day. You can achieve even greater results if you combine the workout with a healthy diet plan.

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