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According to the National Association of Professional Organizers, we spend at least 1 year of our lives looking for stuff. So why do we hold on to things? The answer is simple. Not everything comes with an expiration date. So, we’re unsure when we should get rid of old items. But, ditching things that we no longer use can help us maximize space and improve productivity.

To help yourself declutter, you have to follow one simple rule. Chuck away anything you haven’t used in the past two years. Now, don’t go around putting everything in boxes. That’ll create a huge mess. Instead, do one item at a time!

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Unmatched socks 1:04
CDs and DVDs 1:24
Old knives 1:42
Hair ties 2:01
Old condiment packets 2:24
Expired spices 2:47
Rusty Razors 3:14
Sheets 3:36
Plastic Bags 3:52
Containers without lids 4:07
Expensive skincare 4:21
Dead Batteries 4:42
Outdated magazines and newspapers 5:06
Office supplies 5:30
Excess coffee mugs 5:49
Old Phones 6:09
Travel Toiletries 6:25
Empty notebooks and journals 6:44
Power Cords 6:57
Calendars 7:15
Receipts 7:33
Clothes that no longer fit you 7:50
Old prescriptions and Supplements 8:12
Take out menus 8:41
Greeting Cards 9:05
Loofah 9:22
Cardboard boxes 9:45
Damaged Dinnerware 10:02
Appliances 10:19
Old Towels 10:35

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– The only reason to keep single socks is if you’re looking to get crafty and upcycle them.
– People put a lot of pride and effort into creating their movie collections, but with the push of a button, you can transfer all of them on to a hard-drive.
– Show your hair some love. It’s better to invest in a few good quality hairbands than having a 100 of them constantly breaking.
– We hold on to our spices in case we need to give our dishes some extra flavor. But, we keep them way too long.
– Razors that are kept in a moist environment tend to get rusty twice as fast. Shaving with rusty razors can cause burns and skin infections.
– There are places you can take your plastic bags and recycle them, putting an end to the ever-growing mass.
– Skincare products that are rarely used are a great source of bacterial growth. So, it’s safer for your skin if you get rid of them.
– Things like colored pens and little note pads make us feel more organized. But the ones that’ve been sitting in your drawer can be donated.
– The truth is, most of us have a few favorite coffee mugs. The rest of them sit in a cupboard collecting dust.
– There are better ways to remember your adventurous vacation than holding on to tiny shampoo and soap bottles from the hotel you stayed in.
– Unless you’re an electrician or an engineer who can get inventive with their old power cords, there’s no reason to keep them.
– If you still have the receipt from the take-out place you ate lunch at a week ago, then you know what to do.
– This is a huge mistake! There are many things that can go wrong with old prescription medication, so it’s better to get rid of them.
– Take-out menus are like emergency service phone numbers. But with all the take-out places having their menus online, there’s no reason to keep them.
– If your loofah is more than a month old, it should be replaced. As time progresses, they get dirtier.
– Whether it’s a keyboard waffle maker or a normal toaster that you’ve used once, don’t hold on to it. Some appliances are more trouble to use than to not.
– If your bathroom towels begin to feel like cardboard boxes, this is a sign that they’ve reached their lifespan.

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